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August 2012

Education Investor Awards 2012 finalist

Twig World has been shortlisted in two categories of the Education Investor Awards: EdTech Exporter of the Year and Education Business of the Year.

These awards promote excellence and recognize innovation in Britain's fast-growing education industry and mark Twig as having made an outstanding contribution to the sector during the academic year 2011-12.

The winners of all categories will be announced at an awards event in London on 15 November.


July 2012

Twig launches math, human geography and science glossary content

Twig has just added to its award-winning line-up of outstanding short films and learning materials by launching Math, Human Geography and Science Glossary.

You can now subscribe to over 500 Science Glossary films, covering key terms found throughout Twig's core Science offering. Featuring Twig's brand of high-impact visuals and uncompromising educational values, Science Glossary films are ideal for exploring important scientific concepts in the classroom.

Twig Math contains over 100 new mathematics films, investigating everything from applying algebra to the discovery of zero. Each film is supported by a downloadable lesson pack, containing a lesson plan, worksheet and diagram to illustrate the concept.

Finally, Human Geography branches out from the newly expanded Earth Science, with all-new films and learning materials that look at global climate, population and trade.


April 2012

Learning on Screen 2012 winner

Learning on Screen winner logo

Twig Science has been awarded a prestigious Learning on Screen Award from the British Universities Film & Video Council.

Professor Lord Robert Winston presented the award to Twig World representatives at a ceremony at the British Film Institute in London.

Members of the Twig team with Professor Lord Robert Winston

The judges praised Twig World for "an ambitious project" and for achieving "flexible structure and comprehensive content."


Exam season has arrived!

For special use in the revision and testing period, Twig presents four new films on hormones – the all-important molecules that control our moods, our emotions and even our ability to learn and reason. Together with the Twig Science films on puberty, there is a wide selection of films explaining the role of hormones in our bodies.

Students and teachers can watch Twig films on the importance of sleep on our moods or the role hormones play in whether we feel like a success or a failure. Nonsubscribers can watch a free film in full on the need for sleep in teenagers, especially important throughout this summer term!

Best of luck in the exam season to all Twig users.


March 2012

Twig wins Education Resource Award 2012

Twig is the proud owner of an Education Resource Award for the Best Secondary Resource or Equipment involving ICT!

ERA Winner logo

The award, presented on Friday 16 March at The Education Show, highlights innovative products that:

  • enhance the everyday life or work of teachers, students or schools
  • have an impact on learning
  • offer cost effectiveness in terms of educational aims and results.

The judges comprising teachers and education specialists described Twig Science as "an outstanding resource for teaching secondary science. The wide variety of science topics are carefully graded and presented in a visually stimulating way.

"Learning materials are of excellent quality and will keep teachers up to date with the rapidly changing environment of astrophysics in particular. The use of mind-maps is excellent."

Twig Science was also a finalist in the Innovation Award category.


February 2012

"Best in Class" Science Website Award

Twig Science has been awarded the Best in Class award for excellence in the design, development and implementation of our website.

This has been granted by a panel of judges at the Interactive Media Awards judging a collection of science websites from around the world. The award recognizes the usability and innovation in the content and the technical features of the website.

We achieved a total score of 100 out of 100 for our content, 99 out of 100 for our feature functionality and 97 out of 100 for our design. Our overall score was 488 out of 500 for the five judging criteria.


Learning on Screen Awards finalist

Twig is delighted to be nominated for the Learning on Screen Awards 2012, in the Courseware and Curriculum Award category.

The Learning on Screen Awards celebrate and reward excellence in the use of moving image and related media in learning, teaching and research. Finalists in the seven categories are selected by the British Universities Film & Video Council and a panel of judges with expertise in film and academia.

All shortlisted entries will be showcased at the Learning on Screen Awards Ceremony at the BFI Southbank, London (National Film Theater) on Thursday 26 April 2012. At the end of the evening the awards will be presented by Professor Lord Robert Winston, Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London.

This is a distinguished accolade for Twig and emphasizes the high educational value of all our films.


ERA 2012 finalist

We are pleased to announce that Twig Science is a proud finalist in the 2012 Education Resource Awards (ERAs): for the categories "Best Secondary Digital Content involving ICT" and "Innovation Award."

ERA Awards finalist logo

The ERAs highlight the quality and diversity of educational products and resources, excellent educational establishments and the most inspiring members of the teaching profession, all working together to encourage the very best in education.

These awards focus on the resources, services and people that really make a practical impact on learning and the day-to-day work of the teachers in the classroom.

The winners of all 18 categories at the ERAs will be announced at a gala event on 16 March, the second evening of The Education Show 2012.


Evolution of Man - New films

Charles Darwin, author of The Origin of Species and father of the theory of evolution, was born on 12 February 1809. In 1993, the international Darwin Day Program was established as a global celebration of science.

In honor of Darwin Day 2012 and the 203rd anniversary of Darwin's birth, Twig has created six brand new films on human evolution.

These films will be added permanently to the Twig Science collection and are available in full to all subscribers. Nonsubscribers can access the films "Evolution of Man 2: Habilis and Boisei" and "Humans and Agriculture" completely for free.

Whether watching as part of the curriculum coverage of the theory of evolution or out of intellectual curiosity, we hope that you enjoy these new films.


January 2012

Closed captions on all Twig films

We are proud to announce that all existing Twig Science Films can now be watched with Closed Captions, and all future Twig Films will be published with Closed Captions as standard.

As a company Twig is committed not only to enriching learning and teaching experiences in schools across the country, but to ensuring that students are able to learn on an even footing.

What are closed captions?

Closed Captions are a way of providing subtitles on films that can be turned on or off for individual screens. They not only enable those with hearing difficulties to better follow the transcript of a film, but can assist those who are learning to read or speak English as an additional language.

How to use closed captions

Whenever you play a Twig Film, you will see a "CC" button highlighted at the bottom of the player. Simply toggle this button to turn Closed Captions on and off.

Screenshot of a Twig Film showing Closed Captions icon


BETT Awards 2012 winner

Twig is delighted to have won the BETT Award for 2012 in the Secondary Digital Content category.

This prestigious award comes at the end of a remarkable first year for Twig in which we launched over 500 science films to hundreds of schools across the UK.

The Glasgow Twig team with their BETT award

The award recognizes our outstanding editorial quality and our commitment to delivering engaging and accessible science learning.

We look forward to another successful year that will see Twig expand its offering beyond science and across the entire world!

Judges' comments: ...extremely easy to access ... great user interface and very high-quality materials, covering a wide range of topics, some of them difficult to explain. It is very engaging for pupils. We liked the links between topics and the possibilities for cross-curricular links.


The Developing Brain - New films

This month we celebrate Twig's first birthday!

Twig launched in January 2011 and in honor of this occasion we have created a new set of films for the sciences.

These films document the development of the human brain throughout childhood and puberty, from the "Terrible Twos" to the "Teenage Brain". See how the brain rewires itself throughout life and how this affects everything from our memories and emotions to our behaviors and actions.


December 2011

Twig at BETT and the ASE Annual Conference

Twig is taking to the road in January to give live demonstrations and sneak previews of new content to teachers and education professionals across the country.

Photograph of Twig's stand at the BETT ShowAt the very start of 2012, the Twig team will be exhibiting at the ASE Annual Conference in Liverpool from 5 – 7 January. All science teachers and other visitors will be able to pick up our Twig giveaways and discuss all the Twig content with our team. Please visit us at stand AS38, opposite entrance 2 of the Exhibition Marquee.

We will also be returning to BETT at Olympia this year, at stand T14 next to the Gallery Bar. BETT runs from 11 – 14 January. Come and say hello to take a tour of the Twig site and to be amongst the first to watch our new content in Maths and Geography.

We hope to see you all there very soon!


November 2011

BETT Awards 2012 finalist

BETT Awards 2012 finalist logoTwig is hugely honored and excited to announce that Twig Science has been shortlisted for another award. Twig is a finalist in the Secondary Digital Content category for the BETT Awards 2012!

The BETT Awards are one of the most esteemed accolades for educational resources, rewarding creativity and innovation in technology for education. The winners in each of the 16 categories will be decided by the panel of experienced educational professionals announced at the BETT Show in January 2012.

Having worked hard to create a valuable and useful resource for teaching and learning, we are so proud that the judges can see the quality and educational value of the Twig resource. Thanks again to all our hard-working teacher contributors and production teams - this success is entirely due to their dedication and commitment.

We hope that you will all be cheering for us and eagerly await the final decision!


Life in the Universe - New films

Two radio telescopes photographed against the dawn skyOn 13 November 1971, 40 years ago, the Mariner 9 space orbiter became the first spacecraft to orbit another planet: Mars. During its orbit it photographed the entire surface of Mars and sent back to Earth over 7000 images of massive volcanoes, ancient river beds and giant craters. Following the success of Mariner 9, scientists continued to study Mars and to explore the possibility that it might once have contained life.

To mark this 40-year anniversary, Twig has created 12 brand new films to explore the reality of extraterrestrial life in our Universe.

Why not:

  • use the Life on Mars series to learn step-by-step the discoveries that led scientists to believe that life may have once existed on the red planet
  • explore Jupiter's moons, and discuss whether our own moon could support life
  • discover the people who continue the hunt for new planets outside our Solar System
  • meet Kevin, a University student who outsmarted some of the greatest minds in the field.

We have also interviewed a British researcher who is currently investigating data from the Cassini probe, the subject of another of our new films. See the full interview on our blog page.


October 2011

Twig – MEDEA Awards 2011 finalist

Medea Awards LogoTwig is delighted to be nominated as one of nine finalists for the 2011 Annual MEDEA Awards.

Twig was evaluated by a jury of 75 education and media experts from 15 countries, and was chosen out of 115 entries from 28 European countries!

Taken from the official MEDEA Awards website:

"The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media (audio, video, graphics and animation) in education. The awards recognize and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources.

The pedagogical vision is clear: it is only when video and audio are routine components of education and online learning, that we will have an educational environment that reflects the media-rich world in which our learners now live."

Twig would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Twig and supported our work, including all of our UK and international teacher contributors and academic advisors.


The future of Earth's energy resources

Following the events in Japan last spring, students may have heard various debates over the use of nuclear power during their holidays. Twig has now produced a special set of films to introduce the science behind nuclear power and its positive and negative aspects.

Photograph of exhaust chimneys at a nuclear power stationThese films show how powerful the elements Uranium and Plutonium can be, and the advantages of this method of electricity generation. We see how countries like France rely almost solely on nuclear power to feed their electricity needs.

However, we also give learners the opportunity to participate in the debate, showing them clearly the negative aspects of nuclear power- with films showing the step-by-step unraveling of the Chernobyl disaster and the everyday issues of nuclear waste.

Supporting physics, chemistry and biology lessons, with a nod to current affairs, this special film release will give learners the tools to engage with issues facing the real world and their future.


iGCSE and 2011 curriculum matching

Twig films are now all matched to the new 2011 Science curricula, as well as the iGCSE Double Science and Combined Science curricula. Teachers and learners preparing for these exams can now go directly to the most relevant films for their area of study through the Curriculum page.


August 2011

Healthy living

Twenty-three brand new films on Healthy Living are now available to all subscribers.

Photograph of brocolli and cheese balanced against one another on a see-sawAs the importance of a healthy lifestyle becomes front and center in all our lives, students can use this new content to learn about the different factors that influence their physical wellbeing. Covering key aspects of health and science education, there are a variety of films that discuss obesity, malnutrition and our relationship with food, as well as emphasizing key lifestyle changes that can improve our fitness.

Substance misuse is also covered in detail with ten new films and a wealth of extension information on the learning materials pages, showing how human brains can be susceptible to addiction and highlighting the very real dangers of recreational drug use, from alcohol to heroin.

New Films: Hormones

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